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Aaron GSD with its excellent competence on latest software collaborates with customers to automate business processes and improve overall performance through Application Development, Database Development and GIS implementation, LiDAR Processing.


Data Processing

  • Scanning and geo-referencing of hard-copy maps
  • Orthorectification and mosaicking of aerial and satellite data
  • Classification of aerial and satellite images
  • Aerial, mobile and Terrestrial LiDAR data processing
  • Data Calibration
  • Generation of derivative products such as – DTM, DEM, DSM and Contours

Mapping & Analysis

  • Base map / Thematic maps / Topographic maps – generation from LiDAR, Photogrammetry and Satellite imagery
  • Land use and Land cover mapping (existing and proposed)

GIS development and Modeling

  • Creation of GIS database and integration
  • Spatial analysis
  • Suitability analysis
  • Topographic & Proximity analysis

3D Mapping and Design

  • Extract 3D features and building models from LiDAR (Airborne and Terrestrial – TLS & MTLS)
  • Creation of 3D models using Pictometry images, photos and CAD plans
  • Creating realistic still 3d Graphics for Interiors and Exteriors
  • Creating various 3d models using AutoCAD drawings
  • Graphics creation through Photoshop
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Urban planning and Consultancy

Urban planning is a framework that helps leaders transform vision into implementation, GIS is one of the main applications of urban planning. The application of GIS vary according to the different stages, levels and functions of urban planning. GIS is an operational and affordable information system for urban planning. It is increasingly becoming an essential component for planning. Integration of GIS and urban planning has reached new levels involving modeling, visualization and web-enabled customized GIS.

Key focus areas for Urban planning and Strategy development involve

  • Master Planning
  • Local Area Planning
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Thematic mapping
  • Land use / transport strategic planning

Integrated Web Services for GIS & E-Governance

E-governance provides a brilliant platform to create an effective governance system using the internet and the GIS management. The strong data integration capabilities of the GIS diaspora allows the Government to capitalize the existing data in legacy systems. GIS enabled web services, can provide services such as online mapping, fee payment and application submission.

Key categories for e-governance application include

  • Government to Business
  • Government to Citizens
  • Government to Government

All of the above, would involve – consulting, advising, training, capacity building, technical assistance and consultancy to various public and semipublic institutes.